Adults Swim activities



We cater for all levels, from complete beginners to swimming lengths. Each class has several Instructors so

everyone is taught at their own level.



  MONDAYS @ 8.30pm (mixed)

 TUESDAYS @ 8.30pm(ladies)

 WEDNESDAYS @ 10.45am (ladies)*


 Members €58.00   

(Non members €75.00)  

 (based on an 8 week swim term)




Why Aqua-Fit? 

The natural buoyancy of the water supports your joints so there is a lot less stress on the joints of the hips, knees and ankles. The water resistance allows for very effective exercise and our qualified Aquafit instructors will guide participants throughout the class. Aqua-fit is suitable for non-swimmers and swimmers alike.

Get fit & have fun!  



Mon: 11a.m. 

Tues: 9.15p.m.-10pm.

Thursdays 8.45pm-9.30pm

FEE: 8 Weeks €50.00 (Full Members)

or  8 p/class

(no membership required)


We also have many Adults only swim times available Monday-Friday with lane swimming during these times.

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