You can make bookings at Coolmine Sports Centre in 3 ways.

  1.  Online….see details below. If you have already received your password..Go straight to BOOK NOW

  2.  By calling 01 8214 549 10am-9pm Monday-Friday & 10am-5pm Saturday/Sunday

  3.  By calling in person 9.30am-9.30pm Monday-Fridau & 10am-5pm Saturday/Sunday.



Bookings for weekly events, such as Badminton/ AquaFit / Astro bookings can be made 6 days in advance of the activity subject to availability.

Bookings for seasonal events, such as Summer Camps can be booked several months in advance. A Booking date will be posted on the Website.

  1. If your details, or your children’s details (if booking for a child’s activity) are already registered with Coolmine Sports, you will need to supply us with your e mail address.You can do this by calling 01 8214 549 or at Reception when you call up.

  2. If you are a new customer, you can register online at Join at Home and follow the Instructions given.

  3. Please note that if you wish to make a Booking for a Child i.e. Summer Camp/Intensive swims etc, please Register using the child’s details.

  4. Once your e mail address is updated, Click the Book now button at the bottom of this page after reading items 3 & 4

  5. Click “Forgotten your password”

  6. You will be asked to set your password. The Password must be at least 8 characters long with at least 1 uppercase & 1 lower case letter, 1 number & 1 special character, such as * & @ etc.

  7.  Once completed, you can now book your activity/ class online

  8. Click “Make a booking” located on top left hand side of page 

  9. Click the area you are interested in, “Sports Hall” for example if you wish to book Badminton.

  10. Select the day/time you wish to book and then click the “Book” button

  11. Bookings made online are not confirmed until paid. Any unpaid booking is deleted automatically after the payment grace time has elapsed.

  12. Once your Booking has been completed, you will receive a confirmation e mail.

  13. Bookings made online cannot be cancelled/refunded once completed. If there is any issue, contact Reception at 01 8214 549.