Membership Terms and Conditions


  1. Use of the facilities and equipment of Coolmine Sports Centre by any person is strictly conditional to the Rules and Regulations of the Centre which are in effect at any time.
  2. Members must check in and present Membership card on all visits before using any facility.
  3. Members must obey any directions given by Sports Centre staff during visits.
  4. Members should use facilities in a safe and careful manner at all times and report any hazards, breakages or damage at once to Centre staff.
  5. Membership may be terminated by the Management for violation of any Rules or Regulations of the Centre or for conduct deemed by Management to be detrimental to the welfare, safety or character of the Centre or its Members.
  6. Memberships can not be transferred or assigned to another party.
  7. In the event of a Membership card being lost, a fee will be payable for a replacement card.
  8. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to use the Health Centre and/or Jacuzzi Suite.
  9. Swimwear must be worn at all times in Health Centre Sauna/Steam Room and in the Jacuzzi Suite areas.
  10. Children under the age of 4 are permitted to the pool area free of charge, provided condition 11 is adhered to at all times.
  11. All children under the age of 8 must be accompanied and supervised at all times by an Adult (over 16), unless under the supervision of Sports Centre staff during instruction.
  12. Children under 8 may be accompanied by an Adult/Guardian while changing but must use the changing area appropriate to the Adult. All children over 8 and all Adults must use the appropriate changing area at all times
  13. Photography and the use of any Image Recording equipment , including the use of Mobile phones, is strictly forbidden
  14. In the event of any dispute arising between a member of Coolmine Sports and the Management, the decision of the Management will be final.
  15. Smoking within the Sports Centre is strictly prohibited.
  16. The Management reserves the right to utilize the facilities for special events/ competitions/ tournaments which may require a change in availability/timetable for members.
  17. The Management reserves the right to promote the Sports Centre as they deem fit, including any promotional discounts/prices.
  18. The Management reserves the right to change any Rules/Regulations, Procedures and Timetables which may be necessary.
  19. The Member acknowledges that he/she is in good health and not suffering from any illness or disease which has not been disclosed.
  20. The Member acknowledges that he/she uses the Sports Centre, facilities and parking areas at his/her own risk.
  21. The Sports Centre will endeavour to maintain all facilities, equipment and arenas in working order.
  22. All members (Health Centre/Jacuzzi) must complete the Health screening questionnaire in advance of using any facility.
  23. The Member acknowledges that the Sports Centre accepts no liability whatsoever for any personal injury, damage to or loss of personal property sustained by the Member while he/she is using any facility or car parking area.
  24. The Member acknowledges that they have read and understood the Terms & conditions and on joining agrees to be bound by these conditions.