Wing Tsun is a type of Kung-Fu that specialized in effective self-defence. It was created over 300 years ago in China by a Buddhist nun from the famous Shaolin Monastery and her first student was a young woman called Yim Wing Tsun from whom the art gets its name. Wing Tsun’s most famous practitioner was Bruce Lee who studied the art from the ago of 13.

The Blanchardstown Wing Tsun Kung-Fu school opened its doors in April 2004 and is headed by Michael O’Leary who has studied the art since 1993 and his team of instructors. The aim of the school is to teach effective self-defence to men & women from the age of 16 upwards in a safe and friendly environment.

There is a specifically designed course for beginners consisting of a small number of ‘easy to learn’ techniques for use against the most common attacks likely to occur in a self-defence scenario. Classes take place on Tuesday evenings from 8.30 – 10.30pm and Saturday afternoons from 1.00 – 3.-00pm. Beginners are taught separately by qualified instructors of the Irish, European and International Organisations.

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