Privacy Policy

Personal Data

When people join as a Member or for any Bookable activity at Coolmine Sports Centre, they are asked to provide personal data such as postal address, email address, mobile telephone number, gender, date of birth, relevant health conditions and third-party contact details. This data is initially recorded on the Application Form and some of the details are then transferred to a Membership database..

Why do we hold personal data?

We use the contact details as part of our contract with members and subject to their consent, to inform them of Sports Centre activities and any other information that we feel would be relevant to our members.

How secure is the data?

The completed application forms are secured within the Main office area with access limited to management staff. Access to the Sports Centre computers are password protected and the Members database is also password protected and limited to access by relevant staff members.

Sharing data.

We use a web-based texting service, SMS Portal to send texts to our members.Only data required for the purpose of sending the text communication is shared. The data is never shared with any other third party.

Online payments are facilitated securely using Gladstone MRM

Payments made onsite by Debit/Credit cards…All credit card merchant receipts are destroyed within 30 days and No card details are kept/stored onsite by Coolmine Sports Centre.

Data Retention

We delete all personal data from our database and destroy completed application forms for all lapsed members twelve months after their last membership/course unless we have received their consent to retain details for legitimate interests.

Can you have access to your personal data?

Yes, you may request access to your personal data by contacting the manager at at any time and we endeavour to respond within 7 days.

Can you request that your personal details be removed?

You may request that some of your personal data be removed by contacting the manager at at any time and we undertake to remove it within 7 days.

Data breaches

All breaches will be reported to the affected members and reported to the Data Protection Commissioner within 3 days.