Swim class renewal details

Full renewal details (Start/Finish dates/Term length/Fees due/Date exceptions/Final payment date) are listed for each day below.

Please note that classes unpaid after the Final payment date will be offered to children on the waiting list 


Saturday morning Swim classes

The current term ends Saturday 26th August.New term starts Saturday 2nd September and ends Saturday 11th November 2023

11 week term  Fees €90.75..Saturday 25th August final payment date. 


Monday Swim classes

Starts Monday 4th Sept and ends Mon 13th Nov

10 week term  Fees €82.50

No classes on Monday 30th October


Tuesday Swim classes

Starts Tuesday 5th Sept and ends Tuesday 14th Nov 2023

11 week term  Fees €90.75


Wednesday Swim classes

Starts Wednesday 6th Sept and ends Wed 15th Nov 2023

11 week term  Fees €90.75


Thursday Swim classes

Starts Thursday 7th Sept and ends Thursday 16th Nov 2023

11 week term  Fees €90.75


Friday Swim classes

Starts Friday 8th Sept and ends Friday 17th Nov 2023

11 week term  Fees €90.75


Saturday Evening Swim classes

Starts Saturday 2nd Sept and ends Saturday 11th Nov 2023

10 week term  Fees €97.50…(Members €82.50)

No classes on Saturday 28th October 2023.


Payments can be made by

1. Online Payment…click Pay Now button for details

2. Calling 01 8214 549

3. In person at Reception